Wow! This is what happens when you have a Ph.D in photoshop (photos)

JOSHUA BAMILOYE ( JayMikee ) son of Mike & Gloria Bamiloye of the MountZion Faith Ministries(Agbara nla movie).

Jaymikee is into various creativities. Which he also uses pictures/memes and videos to preach and create motivational impressions with the help of photoshop.

Photoshop design is a common name to graphic designers, and mostly it’s about manipulating images, cropping someone’s head and putting it in another person’s body, putting someone where they have never been in real life and also distorting images.

This is the work of graphic designers, but below are picture showing the excellence of graphic design.

In this pictures, some crazy designers made some manipulations that will make you laugh out loud.

These are what aren’t possible ordinarily, but then is there anything impossible in the hands of these graphic designers? Here are amazing photoshoped images below:

JayMikee photoshop!