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Match Report: PSG vs Borussia Dortmund Champions League Highlights Download Mp4

Three weeks after its defeat at Signal Iduna Park, Paris Saint-Germain found Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday evening in the Champions League knockout stages. In a closed-door stadium, the Parisians managed to reverse the trend with a precious 2-0 success. So go to the quarterfinals for Thomas Tuchel’s men.

The man of the match: Gueye (8): the Senegalese midfielder was associated with Paredes in the Paris midfield. The former Everton player evolved higher than his Argentinian partner and was invaluable in construction. Always so generous in the effort, the Parisian community stood out in the recovery of the ball. The former Lille did not hesitate to sacrifice himself for his partners. Its volume of play allows it to be at the four corners of the field. An extra performance for the Senegalese international this evening which shone in the Parisian midfield.

PSG Players Rating Report

– Navas (5): the Costa Rican porter remained vigilant on Sancho’s attempts (36th, 38th). A relatively quiet evening for the former Real Madrid goalkeeper.

– Kehrer (6): established on the right side of the Paris defense, the German defender alternated the good and the less good in his interventions. The German team did not hesitate to favor its corridor to develop its attacks, as on the center of Guerreiro for Sancho (19th) where on the strike of the English international (38th). Better inspired in the second act with a beautiful presence in the duels. His aggressiveness allowed him to scratch several balloons.

– Marquinhos (7): finally established in the central hinge following the absence of last minute Thiago Silva, the captain of an evening brings serenity to his defense. His good reading of the game allows him to be well positioned and to anticipate the most complex situations. The Brazilian international has striven to position his team block high. Very serious, he did not hesitate to give voice to reposition his partners. Warned at the 90th .

– Kimpembe (7): the start of the match for the Paris central defender was rather convincing. Concentrated in particular at the level of his raises, the world champion distinguished himself by important defensive interventions like that before Haland (22nd). His good reading of the game allows him to make precious interceptions. His association with Marquinhos has kept all its promises this evening.

– Bernat (7): the Spanish left side tried to offer offensive solutions in his corridor. The interested party is taken in his back by Achraf Hakimi on the first German opportunity of the match (19th). The former Bayern player did everything on his team’s second goal. He collects the ball in the middle then is at the finish on a superb center of Sarabia (2-0, 45 + 1). Warned at the 68th . Disciplined defensively, he was rarely caught by his direct opponents.

Di Maria (7.5): positioned in the right lane, El Fideo stood out for its quality in transmissions. Capable of directing the game wisely, the former Madrid could have been a decisive passer on the shot of Cavani (25th). This is only a postponement since his corner is taken up victoriously by Neymar (1-0, 28th). Always as important for its quality in percussion. Very interesting in the conservation of the ball, he relieves his team thanks to his technical ease. His superb free kick wrapped is well repelled by Bürki (54th). The Argentinian international did not shy away from defensive tasks. A very nice copy made this evening. Replaced in the 78th by Kurzawa who brought all his determination to his entry into play.

– Gueye (8): check The Man of the match Section above.

– Paredes (5): the Argentinian milieu was one of the surprises of the eleven concocted by Thomas Tuchel. The interested party brought impact to the environment, even if sometimes it was poorly controlled. Often at the limit in his interventions, he knew how to get faults from experience. It remains able to break a line thanks to its transmissions. Disciplined in his defensive replacement, the main protagonist was generally disappointing this evening. Replaced at 90 + 2 by Kouassi

Neymar (6): free electron in the Parisian midfield, the Parisian number ten has evolved between the lines to try to destabilize the German defense. Upon receiving a corner kick struck by Di Maria, the diving head of the Brazilian attacking midfielder leaves Bürki no chance (1-0, 28th). Not always happy in his choices, his technical quality allows him to get out of perilous situations. The international Auriverde was more inspired towards the hour of play when he knew how to accelerate wisely. Warned at the 89th .

– Cavani (6): established in attack with Sarabia, El Matador was not far from scoring the first Parisian goal. Well served by Di Maria, the Uruguayan sees his shot diverted to a corner by Bürki (25th). Generous and hardworking, he never gave up this evening. Very interesting in the pressing, the top scorer in the history of PSG did not have many good balls to put in their teeth.

– Sarabia (6): his tenure was one of the surprises reserved by Thomas Tuchel this evening. The former Sevilla FC player moved close to Cavani and did not hesitate to come back down to participate in the game. Very mobile, the Spanish winger distills an excellent center for Bernat on the second Parisian goal (2-0, 45+ 1). The Iberian international worked a lot for the team. Replaced at the 62nd by Mbappé which did not have its usual influence. Notified at 90 + 2

Borussia Dortmund Players Rating Report

– Bürki (4): the Swiss goalkeeper quietly warmed up his gloves by capturing two aerial balloons (3rd, 15th) but was quickly put in ball-to-foot difficulty in front of the pressing of Parisian attackers. The 29-year-old goalkeeper performed a superb parade with his right foot in front of Cavani (25th) before losing to Neymar (28th) then Bernat (45th + 1). In the second act, he did not have to stop except for this free kick from Di Maria (54th). A frustrating encounter since he can not do much on the two goals conceded by the BvB.

– Piszczek (3): the Polish international was unrecognizable compared to the first leg. Clumsy in the long game, which his defense partners used too much, he made some recovery errors including an offering in Cavani’s feet in the first period. Overtaken by Bernat, he is guilty on the second goal of PSG and has necessarily sealed his own, who never managed to fall behind.

– Hummels (3): the 2014 world champion was the least bad defensive element in Lucien Favre’s 3-4-3 on the Parc des Princes lawn. Present in the air, it is however not exempt from any reproach on the opening of the score of Neymar on the corner of Di Maria (28th). He still sometimes prevented Cavani from running to the goal. Regularly (55th) but also irregularly (61st), when the Uruguayan had played with him and started alone on goal.

– Zagadou (3.5): the defender trained at PSG was not up to the task against his former club. If his physical power allowed him to win his duels, his recovery left something to be desired and this cost him several bullet losses. The Habs did not release serenity in the German rearguard, even if they caught up slightly in the second half.

– Hakimi (3): the player loaned by Real Madrid was in great difficulty on his right lane in the defensive phases of BvB. Offensively, he tried to bring with his climbs and his centers, including that for Haland could have been decisive (19th), but he often lacked precision, whether in the last gesture or in his shots. Know his error in concentration and marking on the opening of the score of Neymar cost his team dear (28th). Replaced by Götze (87th) .

– Witsel (3.5): the Belgian international did not achieve a great performance in this 8th finals return of the Champions League, and it felt for his team. If there was anything better, very slightly, in the second act, where the German bloc was positioned higher on the ground, it was never able to make a difference in its transmissions. A game to forget for the Red Devil. Replaced by Reyna (71st) , who showed interesting things. But the nugget of the Ruhr club was not dangerous enough to reverse the trend and snatch an extension.

– Can (3): the German midfielder was in diesel mode in this second round against the men of Thomas Tuchel. His start to the match was catastrophic, between loss of ball and lack of technical accuracy. Throughout the game, there has been some improvement but the former Liverpool player has often seemed overwhelmed in the midfield. At the end of the meeting, he lost the pedals by pushing Neymar to the ground. This caused a general scuffle and resulted in Can being expelled (89th) .

– Guerreiro (5): the Portuguese international has multiplied the races in his left lane and his shots have been offensive, with a desire to go in the right direction and move towards the opposing goal. But on the defensive side, the former Lorient player struggled with the liveliness of Di Maria and committed several faults on the Argentinian.

– Sancho (5.5): the BvB winger was probably the best player on the field on the visitors’ side. Very restless, whether on the left or on the right, the English international caused a huge ball and his races posed concern for the Parisian defense. His center towards Haland could have been decisive without the intervention of Kimpembe (22nd) while his shot in the area, in a closed angle, found the gloves of Navas (38th).

– Håland (2): the delivery of Norwegian crack had nothing to do with that of the first leg. He never seemed to be in the game and was transparent. If he had a few chances, he missed a lot (19th, 22nd). Its large size did not make the weight in the aerial field against Marquinhos and Kimpembe, who perfectly managed to muzzle it and to do what Thiago Silva had not succeeded in the outward journey. Warned by Anthony Taylor for a gesture of humor on Paredes (16th), the striker of the BvB will have to show something else in the future to arrive on the roof of European football.

– Hazard (3): number 23 of Borussia Dortmund was very (too) discreet against Paris Saint-Germain. Too frail in the duels and eaten by the impact of the Parisian defenders, he did not have much to put in his mouth except this shot not framed after a recovery high in the feet of Kimpembe (41st ). His lack of creativity was sorely missed by his entire team. Replaced by Brandt (69th) , who saw his shot countered by a very good Gueye (78th) and spinning for a corner, which gave nothing.

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