The tweet that predicted the death of Kobe Bryant

Sometimes fate is too capricious. This has been seen in the death of Kobe Bryant , who has lost his life this Sunday in an accident with his helicopter. Curiously, the death of the NBA legend has already been ‘predicted’ on Twitter by an amateur … 8 years ago!

Kobe Bryant accident (Photo: TMZ Sports).
The tweet that predicted the death of Kobe Bryant.

After hearing the news, a tweet from @dotNoso has gone viral on social networks. That date of November 13, 2012 and at that time predicted just what happened on January 26, 2020. “Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash”

The last hour of the accident is that he was traveling with at least four other people in his private helicopter when he fell. Then there was a fire and although the emergencies arrived, nothing could be done to save the lives of the victims. At least five people have died, including his wife, Vanessa Bryand.

Kobe Bryant accident (Photo: TMZ Sports).

From prediction to Kobe Bryant’s latest tweet

Precisely Kobe Bryant himself spoke just a few hours ago for the last time on Twitter. Los Angeles Lakers forward, LeBron James, who at dawn got another historic mark in his professional career after beating former Kobe escort (33,643 points) as the third top scorer of all time in the NBA, received the first congratulations from the former star of the angelino team.

“Continue to take basketball higher and higher with the figure of KingJames. I respect my brother very much,” Bryant wrote on his social network Twitter.

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