Arsenal 2 vs 1 Chelsea FA Cup Final 2020 Highlights

Download FA Cup Final 2020 Highlights

Download FA Cup Final 2020 Highlights between Chelsea and Arsenal. Arsenal won her 14th FA Cup title with 2 goals to 1.

Download FA Cup Final 2020 Highlight

A dark afternoon for the Blues. Well launched by Christian Pulisic (1-0, 5th), the Blues saw the Gunners return from the penalty spot (1-1, 28th), then release their captain César Azpilicueta in tears (34th).

Early at the beginning of the second half of the game, it was Christian Pulisic who came out on injury (48th), before Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doubled the goal for Arsenal (2-1, 67th).

Mateo Kovačić (Chelsea) was sent off for a second yellow very severe (73rd).

Finally, Arsenal defeated Chelsea with 2 goals to 1 for their 14th FA Cup title.

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