Ali Ndume Tells FG To Stop Rehabilitating Former Boko Haram Fighters

Ali Ndume - Xtratao Media News
Ali Ndume - Xtratao Media News

The senator representative by Borno South Senatorial District, Ali Ndume has told the Federal Government to stop rehabilitating former Boko Haram fighters.

This was after the Federal Government announced that 601 former Boko Haram fighters have completed the Nigerian Army’s Deradicalization, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration program.

Ndume who spoke to the BBC Hausa said that the former fighters will never repent.

He also revealed that his people in Borno State reject the government’s gesture to rehabilitate and reintegrate them into society.

“This government’s programme is unacceptable to our people. The right thing is to stop it, forthwith. Not that they even apologised to you, they apologized to the government with the thinking that government has failed and that is why they are being pampered,” he said.

“They are like Kharajites. Many among those released have since run away. They will never repent.

“The government should know what to do about them. But not re-introducing someone to you, who has killed your parent, or your relations.

“If there is sincerity of purpose in this, those in the IDP camps should be trained in various trades and vocation so that they could start life again.”

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Written by Olajire Taofeeq

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