Suarez defends Pique’s gesture to Espanyol fans

Luis Suarez spoke in an interview with La Vanguardia.

“Gerard has put up with a lot of things over many games. Players always have to take what they say on the chin, but you have to say he was right, because it was the least he could do after they bring his kids and wife into it, that was the worst thing.”

“It’s a feeling that comes from the day to day, to be together each morning to take mate before training, to speak, to get on well, to be a Uruguayan and an Argentine, to be the same age, to have wives that get on well, to have kids of similar ages and share things. For me he’s not Leo Messi, he’s Leo, my team-mate and my friend, and I’ll always see him like that. If it ends up that later, on the pitch, he’s the best in the world, then great. But off it he’s another friend.”

“It’s surprised me how calm he is when it’s time to explain things, the certainty with which he talks and how open the team is in general. He has no problem explaining things to Denis Suarez, for example, even though he plays less, or anyone else. For him, everyone is equal.”

“I am of the school of thought that if the opponent insults me, tells me I’m shit, syas anything about me or my sister, I will never go to the media to say it. I take it all. It doesn’t annoy me, it doesn’t upset me, it’s part of the game.”

“He’s young, I’ve been pals with him since Liverpool and we kept that up after I left. One’s always a bit nervous when you arrive at Barca and I’ve tried to help him, he’s started very well.”

“La Liga is what you mark your season by and we’ve got a nice cushion. It’s time to play in the cup now. It’ll be very difficult and complex, but we have another final close. The Champions League is different. If you don’t concentrate for five or ten minutes, you’ll pay for it. You have to learn from that to be able to dream to win it again. Obviously one might think about winning the treble because the situation makes you think about it.”


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